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What Is A Gift Card: All You Need To know

I remember the good old days when I was a gift card newbie! I used to mix them up with regular old bank cards. Can you blame me, though? Like, who even knew what a gift card was back then? It was a mystery!

All I knew was that gift cards from big shots like Amazon, and Apple were the keys to a whole new level of living the high life. I mean, with one of those babies in your hands, you were practically balling! But you know what? There’s more to these magical cards than meets the eye. If you want to know about gift cards than you should keep on reading!

What Is A Gift Card?

What Is A Gift Card?

Gift cards are prepaid debit cards that come loaded with cash! So, you can buy stuff without spending your own money or using your boring old bank card.

Imagine you’re a total coffee lover, right? And your bestie knows it. So, they surprise you with a gift card to your favorite coffee joint, where you feel all warm and cozy with every sip. How awesome is that?

Now, armed with that gift card, you strut into the coffee shop like a boss, knowing you can get any drink you want, up to the card’s value. It’s like having the power of endless coffee in your hands. That’s the magic of a gift card! It’s like a gift that keeps on giving.

The Different Forms Of Gift Cards

There are mainly two forms of gift cards: physical and virtual gift cards.

1. Physical Gift Cards

Physical Gift cards

Physical gift cards are the classic ones you can actually hold and feel. They come in fantastic designs, perfect for anyone who’s into that old-school charm. But you have to be careful not to lose them.

2. Virtual Gift Cards

Virtual Gift Cards

Welcome to the digital age, where everything’s gone virtual, even gift cards! They’re e-gift cards, sent and received through the web. Plus, you can send them to your friends far away at the last minute. And guess what? No worries about misplacing them. They’ll be chilling in your email or phone, safe and sound! Besides, I have written an article on how you can add your gift card to an Apple wallet. You should check it out!

The Different Categories Of Gift Cards

There are two main categories of gift cards which are the open-loop and close-loop gift cards.

1. Open-loop Gift Cards

Open-loop gift cards are like these cool cosmic wanderers. They got the logos of big players like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. That means they’re accepted practically everywhere that takes debit or credit cards. Think of them as a ticket to explore the entire galaxy of spending options!

2. Closed-loop Gift Cards

On the other hand, closed-loop gift cards are like stars in their own galaxy, all focused and specific. They’re tied to one store or brand, like a loyal satellite orbiting a planet. So, if you have a closed-loop gift card, you can only use it at that store or business.

What Are Gift Cards Used For?

Now that you know all about the different forms and categories of gift cards, you might wonder, ‘What can I do with these gift cards?’ You can use gift cards for things like splurge-worthy shopping, budget-friendly buys, and special occasion saviours.

1. Gift-Giving Extravaganza: Gift cards are perfect when it comes to presents, you know? Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays – you name it, they got it covered! And the best part? You’re giving your loved ones the power to pick their own dream gift. It’s like a win-win, and they’ll totally love you for it!

2. Splurge-Worthy Shopping: Time to treat yourself! With a gift card in hand, you can go on a total guilt-free shopping spree. Think about that fancy watch, the designer bag, or that shiny new gadget you have been eyeing. It’s like being a kid in a candy store, but this time, you’re the boss!

3. Budget-Friendly Buys: Are you feeling the pinch, too? No worries! Gift cards got your back when money’s a bit tight. You can be smart with them and use them for everyday stuff, saving you some serious cash.

4. Special Occasion Saviors: Last-minute gift panics? You have got the ultimate lifesaver – e-gift cards! When time’s running out, sending an e-gift card can save the day, like a gift-giving superhero. No more stressing over gift dilemmas!

What Is The Benefit Of Using Gift Cards?

You might wonder, “Why should I bother with gift cards when I can use cash or credit cards?” Well, hold on to your hats because I’ve got a bunch of fabulous benefits to show you why gift cards are worth their weight in gold: Convenience, boost in sales revenue, and flexibility.

1. Convenience at Your Fingertips: Gift cards are about ultimate convenience. No more stressing about carrying cash or dealing with a bunch of credit cards. Gift cards give you that secure and easy way to pay, keeping your mind chillaxed.

2. Boost in Sales Revenue: And get this, it’s not just the recipients who score big with gift cards. Businesses have something to gain too! When people buy gift cards for their loved ones, it’s like a major boost in foot traffic and cash for the stores. When those lucky recipients come in to claim their goodies, it’s a sweet victory for both the business and the gift-getter.

3. Flexible Gifting Solution: Birthdays, weddings, graduations, housewarmings, you name it! Gift cards got your back for any occasion. They give the lucky receiver the freedom to choose exactly what they want. It’s like a personalized and super thoughtful gift every single time.

Where To Buy & Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria

When it comes to buying and selling Steam Gift Cards, there are several reputable platforms like Cardtonic that you can either buy or sell your gift card on. Here are some options to consider:

Where To Buy & Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria

1. Brand Store/Website: First, many popular brands have their own stores or websites where you can straight-up buy gift cards. Imagine you’re just chilling, scrolling through your favourite brand’s site, and bam! You add a gift card to your cart, and you’re all set!

2. Cardtonic: But wait, there’s more! Cardtonic got your back. We are all about making it convenient and secure for you to sell and buy Gift Cards. So, head to our website and check out all our epic gift card choices!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards

1. Are Gift Cards Used In Nigeria?

Absolutely! Gift cards are everywhere in Nigeria. People use them for gifting and buying stuff for themselves. They’re so popular because they’re easy to use and perfect for any occasion!

2. How Do I Convert A Gift Card To Cash In Nigeria?

Simple! Just head over to Cardtonic, the best gift card exchange platform. Upload your gift card details; you will receive an offer, and boom! You get paid in cash. It’s that easy!

3. How Much Does A Gift Card Cost?

Ah, that’s a tricky one. The cost of a gift card depends on where you get it and how much money is loaded on it. They come in all sorts of amounts, so you can find one that fits your budget, you know?

4. Which Platform Is Best To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria?

Cardtonic is a highly recommended platform for selling gift cards in Nigeria. With our user-friendly interface, competitive rates, and excellent customer service, Cardtonic ensures a seamless and secure gift card trading experience.

5. What Are The Most Popular Gift Cards In Nigeria?

Here are ten of the most popular gift cards in Nigeria:

  1. Steam Gift Card
  2. Razer Gold Gift Card
  3. American Express Gift Card
  4. Google Play Gift Card
  5. Nordstrom Gift Card
  6. Vanilla Gift Card
  7. Nike Gift Card
  8. Footlocker Gift Card
  9. Amazon Gift Card
  10. Apple Gift Card


Give yourselves a high-five because you’ve just cracked the code to gift card trading in Nigeria! You’re about to level up your cash game and turn those plastic gems into cold, hard cash! Whether you’re into fashion, gadgets, grubbing, or epic experiences, gift cards got you covered with endless possibilities.

And guess what? Thanks to platforms like Cardtonic, buying and selling gift cards is like acing that math test – super easy! So, next time you get a gift card, don’t just see it as plain plastic. Nah! It’s like a magical ticket to all your heart’s desires and a way to stack some cash while spreading those feel-good vibes all around.


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