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7 Most Popular Gift Cards For Students

I believe you know how stressful school life can be, and if you’re looking to ease the burden for the students in your life, I’ve got you covered. In this guide, I’ll be sharing the best gift cards for students, which can help you do just that.

It’s true that gifting a student a gift card will not solve all their problems, but it would definitely make a difference. I’ve taken time to compile this list of the top gift cards for students, so you won’t have to stress about it. Feel free to check them out.

The Top 7 Gift Cards That Put A Smile On Every Student’s Face

If you want to put a smile on the face of any student, consider gifting them a Jumia, DoorDash, Netflix, Adidas, Finish Line, Amazon, or Shell eGift card. All of those are gift cards that students will actually use, as they surely have a need for them.

1. Jumia Gift Card

Jumia Gift Card

Trust me, we cannot talk about the best gift cards for students without mentioning the Jumia gift card –a complete package. Why?

Come to think of it, every now and then, students need to shop for various items ranging from groceries to electronics, sporting materials and everything in between.

The Jumia gift card gives the recipient the chance to get whatever they want for themselves. To top it all, the popular e-commerce brand, which mainly serves the African market, will also deliver the purchased goods. What more can a customer ask for?

2. DoorDash Gift Card


College life itself can be exhausting. I remember how it was for me. Adding the burden of what to cook every day after lectures might be too much stress. This is where the DoorDash gift card comes in.

Any student you give this to will really hold you dear. I mean, you are helping them save the time, energy, and resources that could have gone into preparing a meal a few times.

The DoorDash gift card is one of the practical gift cards for students who are always on the go and don’t have the time to cook for themselves.

3. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift card

Once in a while, every student needs a distraction from schoolwork to avoid a complete breakdown. One way to relieve school stress is to watch movies.

The Netflix gift card is just the perfect way to stream lots of premium movies on the Netflix platform. This is no doubt one of the best gift cards for college students. 

4. Adidas Gift Card

Adidas card

Do you have a student who’s an athlete or just loves fitness in your life? Gifting them an Adidas gift card can never be out of place.

With the Adidas gift card, they can pick up any sporting materials and save money for more important school needs like textbooks.

5. Finish Line Gift Card

Finish Line Card

Being a student doesn’t mean one shouldn’t wear stylish outfits for class.

Give the students in your life the privilege to look good on campus with the Finish Line gift card. Trust me, you’ll have a special place in their hearts.

6. Shell eGift Card

Shell Gift Card

We all know how cooking gas has become so expensive. One thing that can be so annoying in college is the money someone has to spend on cooking gas every now and then.

The Shell eGift card will definitely put a smile on any student’s face. Like, who wouldn’t want to refill their cooking gas for free a few times? This is one of the most popular gift cards for students.

7. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

We can’t talk about the best gift cards for college students without mentioning the Amazon gift card. This is definitely one useful gift card for students, as they can get a lot of stuff with it.

There’s absolutely nothing the recipient can’t get with this gift card. From sneakers to electronics and books, you just name it. This is also arguably one of the best gift cards for college students who love to read.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards For Students

1. What Gift Cards Do College Students Need?

Jumia, Amazon, Adidas, Netflix, and DoorDash gift cards are great gift cards for students. Gifting a student any of those is hardly out of place.

2. Is A $10 Gift Card Too Small For Students?

No, a $10 gift card is not too small for students. Any student can do a thing or two with that. But you can consider giving more if you are capable.

3. Where Can I Buy A Gift Card For Students In Nigeria?

You can buy any kind of gift card for students in Nigeria from trusted online platforms. Kindly check out Cardtonic for your gift card needs.

4. Is An Amazon Gift Card The Best For Students?

The Amazon gift card is one of the best gift cards for students. That’s simply because it allows students to get whatever they want for themselves.

5. What Are The Best Gift Cards For Students Who Love Books?

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Bookshop.org gift cards are some of the best gift cards for students who are book lovers. They can get different kinds of books with any of those.


That’s a wrap. Always remember that Amazon, Jumia, DoorDash, Netflix, Finish Line, Shell eGift, and Adidas are the best gift cards for college students.

Gifting any student a gift card is beyond a mere gift. You are making their lives easier and helping them to achieve academic excellence. That’s a noble fight, and I hope you get involved today.


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