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Top 7 Most Common Gift Card Types In Saudi Arabia

Finding the perfect gift can be tricky, especially in Saudi Arabia, where gift card options may seem limited. As someone who has sent gift cards to people in Saudi Arabia over the years, I know gift cards really are one of the best present ideas. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because, a gift card allows your special someone to get something they’ll truly enjoy.  

In this article, I’ll share the top 7 most common gift cards available for purchase in Saudi Arabia. From gaming to ridesharing to streaming, these gift card brands offer loads of options your recipient can choose from.

With gift cards in Saudi Arabia, you’re sure to find just the right digital token of appreciation. So, if you’re on the hunt for a foolproof gift that anyone would love, read on!

Top 7 Gift Cards You Can Buy In Saudi Arabia

A great way to show your appreciation to your friends and family in Saudi Arabia is to give them gift cards from popular brands. They can use these gift cards to buy games, rides, live streams, products, movies, music and food. Some of the best gift card brands are PlayStation, Careem, Bigo Live, Amazon, Netflix, Apple and Talabat.

1. PlayStation Gift Cards

PlayStation Gift Cards

PlayStation dominates the gaming scene in Saudi Arabia. Whether your gift recipient has a PS5 or a PS4, PlayStation Store gift cards allow them to unlock new games, download game add-ons and expansions, rent movies, and more.   

You can purchase PlayStation Store gift cards online through sites like Amazon and Cardtonic or in electronics stores across Saudi Arabia like eXtra, Jarir, and E-City.

2. Careem Gift Cards

Careem Gift Cards

Careem has become a daily travel essential across the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia, Careem offers rides, food and grocery delivery, payment services, and more convenience functions through its super app.

Gifting Careem credit is akin to gifting freedom of movement and access to the city. Your recipient can use their Careem gift card balance towards any service offered in the app.

Careem gift cards are available for purchase at Careem Trip stations and retail outlets like Tamimi Markets, Al Danube, and Abdullah Al-Othaim Markets.

3. BIGO Live Gift Cards 

BIGO Live Gift Cards 

BIGO Live has gained major traction in Saudi Arabia as a streaming and broadcasting platform. Users can go live, broadcast various content formats, follow influencers, and interact with creators from all around the world.  

Gifting BIGO Live credits allows your recipient to support their favourite broadcasters through virtual gifting. They can also unlock cool features to level up their own broadcasts if they stream.  

4. Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon has fast become the leading online retailer for residents of Saudi Arabia. Though originally known for books, Amazon today is a one-stop shop carrying absolutely any consumer product imaginable.  

Gifting an Amazon Saudi Arabia gift card really provides the most flexibility and options. Whether your recipient is into home appliances, kitchenware, electronics, toys, fashion – anything at all – they’ll surely find plenty to splurge on with Amazon credit.

5. Netflix Gift Cards

Netflix cards

In Saudi Arabia, streaming entertainment is as popular as anywhere in the world. An online phenomenon like Netflix truly crosses cultural boundaries. 

With locally available Netflix gift cards, you can gift access to Netflix’s massive catalogue of movies, TV shows, documentaries and more. From Hollywood films to locally produced Arabic content, a Netflix gift card makes an exciting present.

6. Apple Gift Cards

Apple gift card

In a country with one of the highest iPhone ownership rates globally, an Apple gift card is sure to excite any iOS user.  Whether they want to stock up on apps, games, music, iCloud storage upgrades or Apple’s range of subscription services, an Apple gift card allows them to indulge in everything Apple has to offer.

Apple gift cards can be purchased online and emailed/digitally delivered promptly through sites like Amazon. Physical Apple gift cards are also available across electronics retailers in Saudi cities.

7. Talabat Gift Cards

Talabat card

Talabat leads the food delivery space in Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. With a Talabat gift card, your recipient can order meals, groceries or anything else carried by Talabat’s network of retail partners and restaurants.

Given Talabat’s popularity for everyday food delivery, a little extra credit will certainly motivate some extra spice in your recipient’s routine. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards In Saudi Arabia

1. Does Saudi Arabia Have Steam Gift Cards?

Yes, Steam gift cards can be purchased both online and in electronics stores across Saudi Arabia. So if you have a PC gaming enthusiast on your gift list, Steam credit makes for an excellent gift. They can use it to buy new games, downloadable content, in-game upgrades, and more from the Steam marketplace.

2. Which Store Can I Get Gift Cards In Saudi Arabia?

Some of the most popular retail chains to purchase gift cards from across Saudi cities include Tamimi Markets, Danube, Jarir Bookstore, Extra Stores, and E-City Electronics. Cards from brands like iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Careem, PlayStation and more are stocked.

3. How Can I Buy Gift Cards Online In Saudi Arabia?

Every brand mentioned in this piece offers online gift card purchase options for Saudi residents. This includes direct channels like Careem and iTunes, as well as third-party resellers like Amazon and Cardtonic, which promptly email gift card codes.

4. Is Google Play Gift Card Available In Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Google Play gift cards can be purchased from the same major retailers that stock iTunes and other digital storefront cards locally. Residents can redeem Google Play credit on apps, games, movies, books, and subscriptions for Android devices.

5. How Can I Convert Saudi Arabia Gift Cards To Naira?

Unfortunately, gift cards issued specifically for use in Saudi Arabia cannot be directly converted to other currencies. However, if you have a gift card you want to cash out, you can sell it for cash on platforms like Cardtonic, where you will receive your funds ASAP.


I hope this breakdown gives you a better grasp of the top gift card brands and retailers to turn to for gifting loved ones in Saudi Arabia. With gaming, entertainment, e-commerce, and ridesharing all covered – you’re sure to delight just about anyone.

The key is focusing on gift cards from retailers with strong existing popularity and local adoption. Brands like PlayStation, Careem, Amazon, and iTunes have ingrained themselves as household names. And there’s just something exciting about gifting extra spending power rather than a specific physical item.

So, next time a birthday, holiday, or celebration comes up, consider picking up one of these Saudi Arabia gift cards for your friend or family member. Get the flexibility of letting them splurge on something they actually want guilt-free!


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