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Six Exceptional Gift Card Ideas For Men in 2024

I’m tired of hearing statements like, “What can you give a man that has everything?”” Or “What do men even like?” All you need to do is pay attention to the man you intend to gift, and you can find out exactly what they want. 

One of the most affordable and effective gifts is a gift card. Not only do they have the opportunity to purchase exactly what they want, but you can also buy a gift card that matches your pocket. This article will look at six exceptional gift card ideas for men to make gifting much easier for you.  

Top 6 Gift Cards For Men in 2024

The top six gift cards for men in 2024 are; Spotify, Footlocker, Google Play, Apple, PlayStation, and Visa gift cards. 

1. Spotify Gift Cards

Spotify gift card

For the man who finds solace, motivation, or joy in music, a Spotify gift card is a symphony waiting to unfold. Spotify, a leading music streaming platform, offers a vast library of songs spanning genres and eras. 

This gift card will allow the recipient to immerse himself in a world of musical exploration, creating playlists, discovering new artists, and enjoying ad-free listening. Nothing says I appreciate you better than gifting this gift card to a music lover.

2. Foot Locker Gift Card

Footlocker Gift Card.

If the man is into sports, footwear, fitness, or sports brands, a footlocker gift card is the perfect gift for him. At Foolfocker, he is presented with various options from different brands and product types. The gift card empowers the recipient to choose apparel and footwear that complements his lifestyle and showcases his style.

3. Google Play Gift Cards

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The Play Store has millions of applications ranging from entertainment, finance, utility, lifestyle, and many more. This is an essential application for anybody whose device is running on Android operating software.  Gifting him a Google Play gift card solves many of his problems and makes his life easier. 

4. Apple Gift Card

An image of an Apple gift card

Like the Google Play gift card, the Apple gift card lets you purchase every paid item on the iOS app store. Aside from that, you can also use this gift card to buy Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. This is a universal digital asset for all things Apple. 

If the man in mind is a tech enthusiast or simply an Apple fanatic, this is the perfect gift card for him. 

5. PlayStation Gift Card 

An image of a PlayStation gift card.

Take on the immersive gaming world with a PlayStation gift card, a perfect choice for the avid gamer. Whether he’s a fan of action-packed adventures, sports games, or multiplayer experiences, this gift card provides access to a diverse gaming universe.

He can enjoy a PlayStation gift card as a recreational or professional gamer. With a PlayStation gift card, he can purchase the latest games, acquire in-game content, or subscribe to PlayStation Plus for online gaming.

6. Visa Gift Card 

An image of a Visa card.

Visa gift cards are open-looped and can be used to pay for items anywhere a visa is accepted as a valid means of payment. Every man can relate to “billing,” either his bills or those of loved ones. Getting him a Visa gift card helps to take some load off his financial commitments and make his life easier.

This is also a very safe gift card option as it is not retailer-specific like other closed-looped gift cards. He has the opportunity to buy items from any brand of his choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Card Ideas For Men

1. What is The Perfect Gift Card For a Man?

Every man has unique tastes and preferences, so the perfect gift card will be based on his personality. However, the top six gift cards for men in 2024 currently are Footlocker, Apple Music, Google Play, PlayStation, and Spotify gift cards.

2. Where Can I Buy Gift Cards For Men?

The best place to buy gift cards like Footlocker, Apple Music, Google Play, etc, is on Cardtonic. You get the most affordable rates for all gift cards and instant delivery for all your purchases.

3. Can I Buy International Gift Cards in Nigeria?

Yes, you can. You can use your Naira card to purchase international gift cards like Spotify, PlayStation, Apple Music, and the rest on Cardtonic. You can then proceed to pay for items on these brands with ease.


Gifting can be tricky, especially when the person means a lot to you. There is pressure to get them something they will value. This article guides you in picking the perfect gift card for that man in your life. As of 2024, the top six gift cards for men are Spotify, Footlocker, Google Play, Apple Music, Playstation, and Visa gift cards.

By choosing a gift card that resonates with his hobbies and tastes, you’re not merely presenting a gift but crafting a personalized experience that he’ll cherish and enjoy. When thoughtfully chosen, gift cards are a bridge between your intention to please and your desire for fulfillment.


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