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Types of Gift Cards To Give Your Loved Ones After Ramadan

The fasting period is drawing closer to an end, and Muslims are excited about that. After a month of sacrifice and purity, the least you can do for your Muslim friend or family is to gift them. They deserve it. 

One thing you do not want to do is to give an underwhelming present. Fine, gift cards save the hassle and risk of having to pick an exact item/s but you still have to get the brand right. 

The best way to know what brand of the gift card to give your loved one during this period is by understanding their interests.

What Are The Ideal Gift Cards For My Loved Ones This Period?

Like I said earlier, pay attention to what is going on with them. Their likes and hobbies. For example; 

1American Express/ Visa Gift Cards: This is one of the sharpest and wisest ways to go during this period. American express gift cards are digital assets that can be used to purchase items anywhere AMEX is accepted as a method of payment. 

This basically serves as an ATM. One common thing Muslims would want to indulge in after the fasting period is FOOD. With this digital asset, they can go to all the restaurants that accept AMEX and Visa as payment methods. 

2 Nordstrom/Nike Gift Cards: This is more of a generic choice. After Ramadan, chances are they would have probably lost some weight, a gift card like this can enable them to shop for clothes and apparel that fit perfectly to their current size. 

3 Steam/ Razer Gold Gift Cards:  A Razer Gold or Steam gift card, is the perfect option to gift to your loved one who is a gamer. With this digital asset, they have the opportunity to play as many games as the balance of the gift card is worth. 

If you have still not seen something they might like, don’t worry.

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4 Sephora/ Macy’s Gift Card: After a month of relaxing and keeping it on a low, this is the time your female Muslim friend or family would be ready to make up for all those lost night outs or motives. With this digital asset, they can stock up on all their beauty and skincare products. 

5 Apple Gift Cards: If you are a big spender, or you feel your loved one is worth it, you can decide to go big and buy one of these bad boys. They can get a new Mac, or iPhone with a nicely funded Apple gift card.


Do not be worried about the possibility of redeeming all these gift cards in Nigeria. Even if they cannot redeem some, there is always an option to safely resell all of these gift cards for cash

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