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Explore The Top 7 Gift Card Types in South Africa 

It was during a festive season, and I wanted to surprise a colleague at work with a gift card they’d like. It became a difficult task to get a hold of the top gift card types in South Africa. Unfortunately.

You know how frustrating it can be when you want the best for your loved ones but can’t get it for them. Just because you don’t even know the best, I know the feeling too. In this piece, I’ve compiled the top seven gift card types in South Africa. Yes, I wouldn’t want you to go through the same ordeal I went through.

So, if you are still in doubt about the best gift cards in South Africa, take a cup of water, feel relaxed, and follow me religiously as I expose them.

The 7 Most Popular Gift Cards In South Africa

If you are looking for the most popular gift cards in South Africa, stress no more. Xbox, Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Google Play, Netflix, Edgars, and Clicks gift cards are your best options. You’d definitely find something that catches the interest of your loved one among those.

1. Xbox Gift Card

Xbox gift cards in South Africa

The first on this list of the top gift card types in South Africa is the Xbox. This is purely an entertainment gift card. You will agree with me that no festive season can be enjoyed without entertainment.

Gifting your loved ones the Xbox gift card is like opening the door to the entertainment world for them. The Xbox gift card covers anything entertainment-related, whether it is movies, apps, or games.

It is worthy of note that gamers would particularly appreciate this gift card. And yes, there is no expiration date to worry about.

2. Google Play Gift Card

Google play gift card in south africa

One of the most popular gift cards in South Africa is undoubtedly the Google Play gift card. This gift card grants one access to endless premium apps, games, movies, books, and many more on the Google Play Store. The Google Play gift card has no expiration date and is secure to use.

Whether it’s a physical or virtual Google Play gift card, it is one of those gift cards that can be used anywhere in South Africa. All thanks to the popularity of the Google brand.

3. Woolworths Gift Card

Woolworths Gift Card

The next item on our list of top gift card types in South Africa is the Woolworths gift card. This gift card is a ticket to the world of great shopping options offered by the brand. From food and clothing to homeware and kitchenware, there’s sure something that’d definitely interest your loved ones.

This gift card comes at a variety of prices, giving you the flexibility to pick anyone according to your budget for your loved ones. I know you shouldn’t have to break the bank to gift someone anything, and this is the luxury offered by the Woolworths gift card.

4. Pick n Pay Gift Card

Pick n Pay Gift Card

Sometimes, it’s best to let your loved ones decide which gift exactly they want for themselves. This is the privilege you’d give them with the Pick n Pay gift card. The Pick n Pay gift card is a gateway to browse through various store formats with brand names: Pick n Pay, Boxer, and TM supermarkets.

From food, liquor, clothing, and non-edible groceries to pharmaceuticals and general merchandise, you just name it. The Pick n Pay gift card would grant your loved ones access to everything; this is unarguably one of the best gift cards in South Africa.

5. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix card

One of the popular gift cards in South Africa is the Netflix gift card. Do you want to gift someone who is a movie freak? Then, getting them the Netflix gift card is your best bet.

And the fantastic news is that the gift card doesn’t expire. Gifting anyone this gift card grants them access to the world of premium movies on the Netflix platform. This is no doubt one of the top gift card types in South Africa.

6. Edgars Gift Card

This is one of the best gift cards in South Africa. And the reason isn’t far-fetched. The Edgars gift card allows the gift card bearer to purchase goods from Edgars, Legit, Beaver Canoe, or Style stores.

And that means there’s a wide range of shopping options. This gift card is perfect for people who love fashion and beauty products.

With a validity period of three years, there’s enough time for your loved ones to use it before expiration. And the good thing is you can decide whether to go for a physical gift card or an electronic one.

7. Clicks Gift Card

Clicks club Card

Are you particularly concerned about anyone’s health and their access to quality clinical services? Then, you should consider gifting them a Clicks gift card. This card can be used in any Clicks store to purchase health products or pay for clinical services.

This is one of the most popular gift cards in South Africa. And that’s because it gives the bearer access to a critical aspect of our lives—health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards In South Africa

1. What Gift Cards Are Available In South Africa?

Woolworths, Pick n Pay, Netflix, Xbox, and many more are gift cards that can be used anywhere in South Africa.

2. Can A Gift Card Expire In South Africa?

Yes, a gift card in South Africa can expire. According to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), any gift card should have a minimum of three years of validity from the date of issuance. Some brands can decide to extend the validity beyond that.

3. How Can I Convert My South African Gift Card To Naira?

You can easily convert your gift cards to Naira on trusted platforms like Cardtonic.

4. Where Can I Buy Gift Cards In South Africa?

You can buy gift cards in South Africa at numerous retailers, like Corporate Gift Shop, Gift Bucks, Cardies, and many more.

5. How Much Is A Google Gift Card In South Africa?

The price ranges from R50 to R5,000. You can go for the one that would not put a hole in your pocket.

6. Where Can I Buy South African Gift Cards In Nigeria?

You can buy South African gift cards in Nigeria from physical retail stores and reputable online platforms like Cardtonic.


From entertainment to retail stores and everything in between, there’s sure something for everyone in the listed gift cards. Next time you think of the top gift card types in South Africa to gift your loved ones, you won’t have to stress about it.

Xbox, Woolworths, Google Play, Netflix, Clicks, Pick n Pay, and Edgars remain the best gift cards in South Africa.

You can gift your loved ones any of those during the festive seasons—their birthdays, anniversary celebrations, or just a random day. They’d sure appreciate your kind gesture.


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