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Top 9 Gift Cards Perfect For Celebrating Your Loved Ones’ Birthdays

Birthdays are a special time to celebrate our loved ones and show how much they mean to us. However, finding the perfect gift can be hard. Last year, I remembered having trouble finding a gift my wife would love for her birthday. After thinking of idea after idea, I asked what she wanted. She said a gift card! She could pick out exactly what she wanted. I facepalmed for not thinking of it sooner.

Gift cards are perfect birthday gifts when you want to give options for something they’ll really enjoy. But with so many gift cards out there, which are the best?

This article explores the top 9 gift cards perfect for surprising loved ones on their birthday. From online shops to experience gifts, these ideas provide flexibility and happiness.

By the end of this article, you’ll have some awesome gift card ideas to surprise your loved one on their big day. Let’s dive in. 

Best Gift Card Ideas For Birthdays In 2024

Surprise your loved one on their birthday with a thoughtful gift card that suits their tastes. Options like Airbnb, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Xbox, PlayStation, Barnes & Noble, Nordstrom, and Sephora gift cards offer a variety of choices. Choose one of these, and you’ll be thanking me later!

1. Airbnb Gift Card

Airbnb gift card

For someone who loves to travel, giving them an Airbnb gift card would be a fantastic birthday surprise! Just imagine the smile on their face when they realise they can book accommodations and experiences anywhere in the world! 

Whether they want to stay in a trendy New York City apartment or a cosy cottage in the Scottish highlands, Airbnb has it covered. Your loved one can pick their ideal destination and place to stay for their next adventure. 

Plus, Airbnb offers incredible experiences like cooking classes, guided tours, photography walks, and more. So they can fully immerse themselves in local culture. Help make their travel dreams come true with the gift of Airbnb.

2. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card

When in doubt, you can never go wrong gifting an Amazon gift card for someone’s birthday. With their mind-boggling selection of items, your loved one is guaranteed to find something they’ll absolutely love. 

For the bookworm, an Amazon card lets them stock up on reading material to last them all year long. Or, for the chef, they can pick out new kitchen gadgets and appliances to take their cooking to the next level. 

The handy thing about Amazon is that they literally offer everything under the sun. So, no matter what the birthday guy or girl is into, they can use the gift card towards products for their hobbies and interests.

3. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift card

For the TV and movie buff in your life, a Netflix gift card is sure to be a crowd-pleasing birthday gift. Can you think of anything better than giving them unlimited streaming entertainment for a whole year? With this card, they can watch to their heart’s content and catch up on all their favourite shows. 

A Netflix gift card allows them to make the most of their existing subscription or even start a new one if they don’t have it yet.

And with Oscar-winning Netflix originals and addicting true-crime documentaries added all the time, they’ll never run out of content to enjoy.

4. Spotify Gift Card

Spotify card

For music fanatics, a Spotify gift card is a tuneful birthday present they’ll use all year long. With over 70 million songs, what indie rocker, classical music enthusiast or top 40 lover wouldn’t want unlimited streaming? 

They can listen to new album drops, throw it back with classic jams, discover up-and-coming artists and more.

Plus, Spotify has pop culture podcasts, comedy albums, gripping true crime and so much additional audio content. So it’s really an endless world of entertainment. 

5. Xbox Gift Card

Xbox card

What devoted gamer wouldn’t love an Xbox gift card in their birthday card? For Xbox lovers, it’s the chance to stock up on the latest and greatest games and downloadable content. 

And we all know new Xbox games aren’t cheap! So your gift card allows them to splurge on the just-released titles they’ve been dying to play.

Whether they’re into sports games, action adventures, racing simulations or RPGs, an Xbox card lets them pick what they’re into. And it never expires, so they can slowly build up their game library over time. 

6. PlayStation Gift Card

PlayStation card

What Playstation gamer wouldn’t enjoy a gift card on their big day? It’s your chance to give them free rein in the Playstation Store for the latest and greatest games and content. And they’ll be itching to use it! 

Whether it’s the newest addition to their favourite franchise, extra DLC, avatars, movie rentals or more, a PlayStation gift card lets them get what they really want.

You can give them the means to take their gaming and entertainment to the next level. Because we all know, buying multiple new Playstation games adds up quickly.

With your gift, passionate gamers can keep their library stacked for months to come. So watch their faces light up when they unwrap the Playstation gift card. It’s sure to level up their birthday!

7. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Barnes & Noble Gift Cards

For the bookworm who loves getting lost in a story, a Barnes & Noble gift card is a perfect birthday present. It allows them to grow their personal home library with new releases, classics, and obscure sci-fi – whatever their literary tastes. 

And as an added bonus, Barnes & Noble’s cafes offer cosy, quiet spaces to crack open a new book while sipping coffee. So your gift card doubles as a reading and caffeine-fueling experience! 

8. Nordstrom Gift Card

Nordstrom Gift Cards

For the fashionista in your life, a Nordstrom gift card makes a fabulous birthday present. It allows them to upgrade their wardrobe with the latest trends from top designers. Knowing they have Nordstrom money to spend will definitely spark joy!

Nordstrom carries clothing, shoes, accessories and beauty products, so your gift card can be used across categories. 

9. Sephora Gift Card

Sephora Gift Card

Makeup junkies will rejoice over a Sephora gift card on their birthday. It allows them to stock up on all their beauty favourites – from luxury skincare to the trendiest eyeshadow palettes. Sephora carries all the top brands in one place, so the options are endless.

With your gift card, they can pick out products suited to their unique style. Maybe they’ll try a bold new lip colour outside their comfort zone. 

Or restock on holy grail items they use every day. Sephora is a one-stop shop if you have a glam girl who loves looking her best. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Card Ideas For Birthdays

1. What Gift Card Can I Get For My Best Friend’s Birthday?

Some great gift card options for a best friend include a Starbucks card for regular coffee dates, a Sephora card to shop for beauty products, or an Airbnb card to plan a fun weekend getaway. Pick something that aligns with their interests and your friendship.

2. What Should I Do If The Recipient Doesn’t Like The Gift Card?

If the birthday person doesn’t seem thrilled with the gift card you picked, don’t sweat it. Politely ask if they would prefer a different retailer so they can make the most of the gift. Most gift cards can also be exchanged in-store for another card option. Alternatively, if it’s a non-refundable gift card, you can sell it for cash on Cardtonic and use the cash to get a gift card the person will truly use.

3. How Can I Make A Gift Card Feel Special?

Rather than just handing over a gift card, make the presentation memorable. Place the card in a greeting card and write a heartfelt message. Or get creative with the wrapping, like using their favourite snack or drink to conceal the card.

4. What Should I Do If The Recipient Doesn’t Know How To Use The Gift Card?

It’s no fun receiving a gift card you don’t understand! Offer to help explain or demonstrate how to use the gift card, like making an account or redeeming it online. Also, provide the customer service number on the back of the card so they can easily get help directly from the retailer.

5. Where Can I Purchase Birthday Gift Cards For My Loved One?

You have multiple options if you’re looking to buy the perfect birthday gift card for your loved ones. For in-person shopping, popular retail stores like Target or Walmart sell gift cards you can give on their birthday. If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, you can visit the official website of the brand you’re interested in or explore reputable online retailer platforms like Cardtonic.


Buying birthday presents can be tricky, but gift cards make gift-giving simple. With so many wonderful options to choose from, you can find the perfect card to fit your loved one’s unique interests. 

Gift cards for online retailers like Amazon provide endless options, while more targeted cards from brands like Xbox, Spotify and Sephora allow recipients to get goods and entertainment suited to their hobbies and passions. 

The next time a birthday rolls around, consider giving the foolproof gift of a gift card. Just take a few moments to think about what the celebrant loves doing and find a card that aligns and truly delights the birthday boy or girl.


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