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Top 7 Most Common Gift Cards You Can Buy In Brazil

For three years straight, it has become a custom practice for my wife and me to buy gifts for each other to mark our wedding anniversary. Last year, I bought her a car, and in exchange, she only managed to get me two pairs of shoes.

This year, as fate will have it, I was in Brazil for some job training, and I waited eagerly to see what she would show up with this time. Of course, she didn’t disappoint. She sent me some Amazon gift cards, which made my day.

If you want to buy gift cards for someone in Brazil, you’re at the right place. By the end of this piece, you will get insights into the most common gift cards available in Brazil.

7 Most Popular Gift Cards In Brazil

Some of the most common gift cards to buy in Brazil include iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Steam, iFood, Spotify, and Americanas.

1. iTunes Gift Card

iTunes gift card

You can purchase accessories and products from the iTunes store with an iTunes gift card and buy trending music, movies, games, iCloud storage, and apps. You can also use an iTunes gift card to renew several subscriptions like Apple Music, Arcade, TV+.or apps from the store.

iTunes gift cards are dedicated to Apple’s digital services and are typically available in denominations between 20BRL and 200BRL.

2. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card

You can shop exquisite categories of high-end items ranging from fashion to electronics and gadgets on the king of e-commerce, Amazon. There are even more benefits, like paying for/renting music and videos on Amazon Video, purchasing apps and games on the Amazon app store, and subscribing to Amazon Prime and Amazon Music. 

Furthermore, you can utilise an Amazon gift card to buy ebooks on Kindle. Amazon gift cards are available in denominations between 10BRL and 1000BRL, and you enjoy zero fees and no expiration dates.

3. Google Play Gift Card

Google play Card

You can use a Google Play gift card to top up your Google Play balance or Play Library so you can access an endless supply of exciting games and digital content, including movies, music, books, in-app purchases, and premium apps compatible with Android devices.

Google Play gift cards are available in denominations between 10BRL and 300BRL and can be denominated in other currencies, including the Brazilian Real. They attract no fees and do not expire, so that you can use them as long as possible.

4. Steam Gift Card

Steam gift card

A Steam gift card gives you access to endless and vast categories of games, software, downloadable content, in-game items, soundtracks and hardware options from the well-known PC gaming platform Steam.

You can use your Steam gift card anytime, as they do not expire or charge you any fees. You can purchase Steam gift cards in digital or physical forms, often between 10BRL and 200BRL.

5. iFood Gift Card

iFood Gift Card

iFood gift card allows you to pay for food delivery on the iFood app while enjoying savings on food delivery. It takes away the cooking stress and gives access to many restaurants and delicacies available in your preferred region in Brazil.

iFood gift cards are available between 5BRL and 500BRL, and you can use as many cards per purchase.

6. Spotify Gift Card

Spotify gift card

A Spotify gift card allows you to have a Spotify premium subscription to access millions of ad-free and high-quality songs, podcasts, and audiobooks from one of the largest music streaming providers, Spotify. You can also download music and podcasts for offline listening.

You can get a Spotify physical or digital gift card between 17BRL and 100BRL denominations. There are no fees associated with the gift card, but it expires 12 months after the purchase date.

7. Americanas Gift Card

Americanas Gift Card

Americanas gift card allows access to several categories of top products on the Americanas website or app. From electronics to household items, cellphones, clothing and cosmetics from top Brazilian retail chains, Americanas. 

You can use your cards to make payments in full, in part or to supplement other payment methods. Americanas gift cards are available between 10BRL and 250BRL, denominated in Brazillian Reals; however, they are valid only for one year.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards In Brazil

1. How Long Do Gift Cards Last In Brazil?

It depends on the issuer; some gift cards like Amazon, Google Play and Steam do not expire. Americanas and Spotify expire after one year, while other gift cards may last up to five years. It is essential to confirm with the card issuer before purchase.

2. Can I Use Gift Cards From Other Countries In Brazil?

Gift cards are often locked in the country where they are issued; therefore, you cannot activate or redeem them in a different country. 

If you want to gift someone in Brazil a gift card, you can opt for an open-loop gift like Visa or Mastercard, which can be redeemed in different countries, or an Amazon, Google Play or iTunes gift card denominated in the country of choice.

3. Where Can I Buy Gift Cards In Brazil?

You can buy gift cards from several department stores in Brazil, like Walmart and Americanas. However, Cardtonic offers the most seamless way to purchase gift cards securely online without hassles.

4. How Do I Use Gift Cards In Brazil?

To use a gift card, you need to activate it first; you may need to find the activation information and follow the instructions to activate the card. Afterwards, the card is ready to use, and you can redeem it on designated platforms or sell it for cash on platforms like Cardtonic.

5. What Are The Fees Associated With Gift Cards In Brazil?

No general fees are associated with gift cards in Brazil, but only subject to the card issuer. Please refer to the gift card’s issuer for guidance.


There is certainly no shortage of gift cards you can buy in Brazil. However, the most common gift cards include iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Steam, Spotify, iFood, Spotify, and Americanas.  

Each gift card can be purchased in Brazillian Reals and varying denominations, giving you access to top products, services, and other perks, whether online or offline.

You may now proceed to shop for the best gift card to gift your loved ones. In this piece, I have kept you abreast of the most common gift cards you can buy in Brazil. Happy shopping!


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