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6 Advantages Of iTunes Gift Card

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You rarely see anybody ask a question like “What is an iTunes gift card used for?” This is because Apple has become one of the biggest companies in the entire world. Although some people might be more advanced in their knowledge of this digital asset than others, it is very rare to see anyone at this time be completely new to the term.

This article aims to help you fully understand the extent to which your iTunes gift card can be of benefit to you.

There are a thousand and one reasons why iTunes gift cards can be beneficial to you. However, the six major reasons include the fact that they are; flexible, ideal for business marketing, never expire, can be redeemed by Android users, are good presents, and are perfect for resale.

Peeled iTunes Gift Card

An iTunes gift card can be used by anyone, yes, that includes iOS and Android Users. It is almost just perfect for all smartphone users. For movie enthusiasts, an iTunes gift card can be used to stay entertained with the latest movies. Music can be bought using this card should you not fancy music streaming as such. This will give you access to millions of songs and albums to build your playlist. For book lovers, you can browse through a massive library of books, make a choice, and purchase as many as you want with the gift card. For game enthusiasts, the iTunes gift card offers the opportunity to download premium games to keep you entertained.

The iTunes card is perfect for marketing promotions. They can also be used as a prize for online contests. You can also put it in gift bags for valued clients. They work well as giveaways at trade fairs. What more? They can be used as simple tokens of appreciation for just anyone.

3. iTunes Cards Never Expire

A large number of gift cards have an expiry date, but an iTunes card isn’t one of them. Having this gift card, therefore, brings certainty and the assurance that your card would always be there. Peradventure there are problems with redeeming your gift card, chances you didn’t get it from a good seller are high. Redeeming your credit on this card is a direct process as long as you are sure it is an Apple Store Gift Card with a 16-digit code.

One of the good things about the iTunes card is that it can be redeemed on both Android and Apple. It can be sent as a gift to another person or swapped for an Android card. Another fascinating thing is being able to use the card on your Android device with Apple Music. It is equally possible to download Apple Music on Android to use your gift card. You are therefore covered if you are a music lover. Just download the iTunes app before redeeming the credit on your gift card. You can also transfer DRM-free content from your computer to any Android device to make use of your content.

Talk about convenience at your fingertips. You can also forget going to the mall and suffering through traffic or long lines. By buying your gift card on the Web, you save time and money. And you do away with the stress of shopping, which is usual for the holidays. Not only that, your recipient instantly gets your gift online. This gift card also comes in different denominations. It could be a part of a package or the package itself. It’s a gift that can be used by anyone, so the gender of the recipient wouldn’t be an issue. Should you have trouble getting the perfect gift for someone, you may start thinking about this gift card.

The iTunes gift card is one of the most popular gift cards with good resale value. Apple devices are very popular increasing demand for this gift card. If you have no use for your card, then you sure can sell it for a good price on Cardtonic. You would get really good rates on all types of gift cards on Cardtonic


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Itunes gift cards are heavily sought after because of their efficiency and versatility. From this article, you would not only have an answer to the question “What is an iTunes gift card?” but also understand the various ways in which it can benefit you.

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