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How Much Naira is a $100 eBay Gift Card? – April 2024

eBay gift cards are digital assets that could be used to pay for items at a retail store or online on eBay. They are very easy to use and serve as a means of purchase for almost every item at an eBay store. Your gift card balance can be used up at once or a certain percentage. The remaining purchase amount can then be covered by another payment method. 

Although eBay does not work directly in Nigeria, its gift cards are still very much in demand. This is because these gift cards have good resale rates. This is why the question on the tip of everyone’s tongue is, “How much is a $100 eBay gift card in Nigerian Naira?

How Much is a $100 eBay Gift Card in Nigeria?

On average, the price of a $100 eBay gift card is about 100,000 – 150,000 Naira in Nigeria.

Figuring out the exact amount of an eBay gift card might not be possible. There is no standard value for any gift card. So if you are planning to convert eBay gift cards to cash, you need to use the rate calculator feature. Just like every other market in the world, prices would vary. Specific platforms would buy higher than others and vice versa. However, it is possible to determine an average by comparing rates. 

Where is The Best Place to Sell my $100 eBay Gift Cards?

eBay Gift Card

This would be Cardtonic. Aside from high rates, there are a few things you should look out for before entrusting your gift card with just any platform. Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself to ensure you are making the right decision, not a hasty one. These questions include: “Is the platform secure? “and “Have people heard about the platform?” “Do they have a reliable customer service I can contact?”, ”Is withdrawal quick and easy?” and so on. If these are the questions that spark your interest, then Cardtonic is the right spot for you to sell your eBay gift card

What Is The Rate Of eBay Gift Card Today?

eBay gift cards come in more than just one amount. On Cardtonic, the rates are divided into two major categories. eBay gift cards with $100 and above and $50 eBay gift cards. Both of which have different rates. For eBay gift cards with an amount of $100 and above, the current rate ranges from 1000 – 1500/$1. You would get between 100,000 and 150,000 Naira, while the $50 eBay gift card to Naira is about 40,000 – 60,000. 


eBay gift cards are one of the most useful digital assets you can purchase in the 21st century. This fact does not change even if you live in Nigeria. As long as you know where to convert them to cash, the rate of conversion, and how to do it, you are good to go.


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