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How To Make The Most Money From Your AMEX Gift Card in Nigeria 

American Express, popularly known as AMEX is a global company that deals with creating payment card services. They offer a range of top-quality cards such as credit cards and gift cards. 

Amex gift cards are digital assets preloaded with a specific amount of money. i.e $200, $500, etc which can be used to purchase items everywhere American Express cards are accepted as a method of payment. 

This digital asset is a little more unique than other gift cards because of its ability. Unlike others, there is no designated store or brand to which this asset is solely assigned. As long as AMEX is an accepted means of payment, your gift card can be of value to you. 

Another important reason why the AMEX gift card is favourable is its resale value. There is a heavy market for this digital asset in Nigeria. However, you have to be sharp when reselling your AMEX gift card and I’d let you know why. 

Why Do I Need To Be Smart When Selling My Gift Cards in Nigeria? 

The gift card market in Nigeria is a tricky one. Although there are platforms that are doing good and setting the tone, there are still many vendors who would scam or undervalue your assets if you entrust them with your gift card.

A lot of people see the gift card market as a quick way to make money or fully maximize profit without the interest of the owner at heart. This is why you still have to be wise in today’s market. 

You should check out some errors associated with AMEX gift cards.

Where Should I Trade My AMEX Gift Card for The Most Money in Nigeria?

I recommend Cardtonic. This is a modern-day gift card exchange platform based in Nigeria that is customer-oriented, offers high rates, and is extremely secure. 

You need a platform that is customer-oriented because even when the rates are low, you are certain about getting the best offers in a bearish market. They also have a quality customer support team available round the clock. 

How Much Is My AMEX Gift Card Worth on Cardtonic? 

The AMEX gift card has been carefully categorized on the Cardtonic platform. The rate you would get for your gift card is dependent on the exact type you have. However, the top 2 rated AMEX gift cards on Cardtonic today are the USA AMEX card (300 and above) going for 420/$1 and, the USA AMEX card (100 – 299) at 385/$1. 


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