How Much is the $100 Steam Gift Card in Nigeria Today? - June 1, 2023 - Cardtonic

How Much is the $100 Steam Gift Card in Nigeria Today? – June 1, 2023

As a gamer, especially during the holidays like this, a Steam gift card is one of the best things you can buy for yourself or receive from loved ones. This gift card lets you catch up with the latest games and buy credits on your favourite ones. If you want to learn more about Steam gift cards, I have written a previous article on that.

Another thing both gamers and non-gamers need during the holiday is money. And as it is common knowledge that Steam gift cards can be sold for cash, you need to know how much you get when you sell them. 

This is why you should only be using the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria or Ghana to sell your Steam gift cards for the best rates in town. 

What is the Best Place To Sell $100 Steam Gift Card in Nigeria?

Cardtonic is the best place to sell your Steam gift cards for cash in Nigeria and Ghana. On Cardtonic, you are provided with security, quick transactions & payouts, a responsive customer service team, an easy-to-navigate application, the best gift card rates, and many more. 

How Much is The $100 Steam Gift Card Worth on Cardtonic? 

As of June 1, 2023, the $100 Steam gift card is worth about 66,500 Naira on Cardtonic. But as you know, the USA Steam gift card comes in both physical and e-code formats. While the physical version always has a better rate than the latter, you can still get about 51,500 Naira by selling your USA Steam e-code gift card on Cardtonic. 

Our customer’s interests are our priority, and we want you always to get the best value for your gift cards, regardless of what the market says.  However, you can always check the 100 dollar Steam card price using our rate calculator. I believe the next question on your mind is, “How Can I Sell My Steam Gift Cards For Cash on Cardtonic ?” Sit tight, and read how easy it is.

How Can I Sell My $100 Steam Card For Cash on Cardtonic?

As a first-timer, if you want to sell your $100 Steam gift card on Cardtonic, what you have to do is; Download the application, register on the Cardtonic platform, Open your Cardtonic application or the website, click the “sell gift cards” icon, select either physical or e-gift card, pick Steam as your category, and USA Steam Physical or Ecode as a subcategory, type in the amount of your gift card, upload images and then click the “Start Trade” icon. To give you a better idea, here is a step by step process: 

1. Download the Cardtonic Application on Google Play Store or IOS App Store. You can also Register on the Cardtonic website.

2. Open the Cardtonic application or the Cardtonic website.

3. Select “Sell Gift Cards” and then pick the form you are selling (Physical or E-code).

An image of the Cardtonic Application.

 4. Select “Steam Gift card” for the category and ($) USA Steam Physical or E-code under the subcategory section.

An image of the Cardtonic Application.

 5. Type $100 as the amount of your gift card.

An image of the Cardtonic Application.

 6. Upload the gift card image(s). 

An image of the Cardtonic Application.

 7. Once completed, click the “Start Trade” button.

Here’s also a quick tutorial video on how to sell any gift card with Cardtonic:


The Steam gift card is an efficient and highly versatile gift card. They can be used to purchase thousands of games across genres on Steam or sold for cash at good rates on a gift card exchange platform.

The best place to sell any gift card in Nigeria or Ghana is Cardtonic, and the value of a $100 Steam gift card on Cardtonic is currently 66,500 Naira and 51,500 Naira for the physical and e-code forms, respectively. 

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