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Understanding Steam Gift Card Code Generators: Do They Actually Work?

Sometimes, last year, I wanted to add more games to my collection, but the high price of the games I liked wouldn’t just let me. Then, I came across Steam gift card code generators while surfing the internet one day.

There’s this particular platform that promised to help generate a Steam gift card code if only I’d do one thing: pay a token of $10 as a lifetime subscription fee.

Wait a minute. I believe you already know what a Steam gift card is. Anyway, the Steam gift card is simply a prepaid card that opens the door to the world of games, software, and the like on the popular Steam platform.

Back to the story I was telling you: After I paid the subscription fee, I never got to generate a single Steam gift card code. If you don’t want to end up with the same fate as me, continue reading this article and get adequately informed about Steam gift card code generators. 

Do Steam Gift Card Code Generators Work? A Reality Check

To start with, Steam gift card code generators are platforms or third-party apps that claim they can generate Steam gift card codes for their users. But is it real? Let’s first look at the things these platforms demand from their users.

Most gift card generator platforms require you to do one or two things. It might be a task for you to promote their website on your social media pages. Sometimes, they’d ask you to complete surveys.

These acclaimed gift card generator platforms even go as far as asking their users to provide their credit card details. Other times, they’d demand some fee from them.

Steam gift card codes generator doesn't work

At the end of all of those, these Steam gift code generators will fail to deliver on the promises made to their users. That’s because no third party can actually generate a Steam gift card code.

It’s worth noting that some Steam gift card code generators might coincidentally come up with a working code. But that doesn’t mean the Steam gift card code generators really work. 

4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Steam Gift Card Code Generators

There are numerous reasons why everyone should stay away from Steam gift card code generators. These include legal consequences, financial loss, virus risk, and time wastage. 

why you should avoid Steam Gift Card Code Generators

1. Legal Consequences

The first reason why you should avoid Steam gift card code generators is because they’re illegal. You are at risk of possible lawsuits if caught. 

Always ensure you follow legitimate ways of obtaining Steam gift cards, like purchasing from a verified retailer.

2. Financial Loss

Yes, you can lose your hard-earned money by using Steam gift card code generator tools. Such was the case with me—if you haven’t forgotten about the story I told you at the beginning of this article. 

Losing your money, especially in this economic situation, is likely the last thing anyone would want. Protect yourself against this scam in the Steam gift card world at all costs.

3. Risk of Viruses

One thing is that interacting with Steam gift card code generator platforms or any acclaimed gift card generator tool isn’t really safe. You might be unknowingly exposing your device to viruses. 

Don’t risk your security in an attempt to get freebies. 

4. Time Wastage

Lastly, one of the reasons you should run away from Steam gift card code generators is to save your time.

I mean, consider the time you’d be using to complete surveys and engage in social media promotions, and all for these Steam gift card code generator platforms. Only to get nothing real in return at the end of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Steam Gift Card Code

1. What Are Steam Gift Card Code Generators?

Steam gift card generators are tools and apps that claim to generate Steam gift card codes. In reality, there are fakes.

2. How Many Digits Are In A Steam Gift Card Code?

The Steam gift card has a 15-digit alphanumeric code. The code for the physical card is always a 15-digit number, while that of the digital card varies from 15 to 25 digits.

3. How Do I Get A Steam Gift Card Code For Free?

You can get a Steam gift card code for free by participating in promotions and giveaways from the brand. You can also get the Steam gift card code for free by participating in contests. 

4. Can You Refund Steam Gift Card Codes?

Yes, you can refund the Steam gift card code if it has only been activated but not redeemed yet. Generally, redeemed codes are nonrefundable. 

5. How Do I Use A Steam Gift Card Without A Code?

You actually can’t use a Steam gift card without the code. However, you can contact the card support team for help.

6. Where Can I Buy And Sell Steam Gift Cards In Nigeria?

Buying and selling Steam gift cards in Nigeria has become like eating a piece of cake. Thanks to reputable platforms like Cardtonic coming to the rescue of traders.


Okay, buddy. The upshot is that Steam gift card code generators are not real. Is anyone claiming to be able to generate a Steam gift card code for you? They are most likely trying to exploit your desire for freebies.

If not for anything else, everyone should avoid attempting to use Steam gift card code generators, as it’s something illegal to do unless you want to visit the prison anyway.


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