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Some Footlocker Gift Card Errors and Their Solutions – 2024

Footlocker is the home of sneakers for many people. There is an American retailer that produces and sells footwear, sportswear, accessories, and other apparel. There are mainly known for selling sneakers from top brands such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas, reebok, new balance, etc. 

Footlocker gift cards are an additional method of payment that can be used to purchase all items a footlocker. These gift cards can purchase as much as the balance allows. For example; A $500 footlocker gift card can buy items ranging from $1-$500 at any physical footlocker store or on the official US website. 

Footlocker gift cards generally come in two forms which are; 

1. Physical Gift Cards:  They are plastic and branded with footlocker colours and designs.

2. Footlocker E-codes: Footlocker e-codes come in digital format and are received via email or phone number when purchased online.

Footlocker gift cards rarely give you any issues; they are easy to purchase and redeemable. However, on very rare occasions, when trying to redeem this digital asset you can receive an error message. It is important to understand what it is, and know exactly how to fix it. 

What is The Footlocker Error Message, And How Can I Fix It?

The most common footlocker error message is “Not Activated”

Not Activated: If you are trying to redeem your footlocker gift card and you get an error message saying “Not Activated” don’t panic, it can easily be fixed. 

The “not activated” error message only occurs if your digital asset has not been adequately triggered. For example; You buy a fridge from the store and take it home, but before it can start cooling, you need to plug it into a socket and turn it on. It is almost the same thing here. Every footlocker gift card must be properly activated before you can redeem it. Simply take it back to the store of purchase and request this, or contact Footlocker support. 

Nothing should stop you from enjoying your digital asset, not even this little error. Although it might be a bit inconvenient, it is 100% solvable and you would be back to shopping in no time.

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