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Top 10 Steam Games To Buy On Steam In April 2024 

Summer is gradually coming to an end. Once the ember months commence, people tend to adjust their lifestyles a bit. Generally, there will be less going out, traveling, and spending. Most people want to focus and also get prepared for Christmas. However, grinding does not mean you should terminate all types of fun in your life. You still need an outlet. Something to cool off when life gets overwhelming. 

Gaming is one of the best outlets there is. Luckily for you, Steam has more than you can ever get around to playing. Which is a good thing, but can also be overwhelming. I took the time to streamline the top 10 games to buy on the platform this coming September. 

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10 Most Interesting Games You Can Buy on Steam 

1. Age of Empires IV: This is the fourth version of this game. You play as a medieval tactician trying to lead your residents to victory. This is a strategy-based game. If that is your forte, you would enjoy it a lot. 

2. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: This game is generally a bit popular. For the odyssey version, you get to play Alexios or Kassandra, a greek warrior. If you are an adventure lover, you would definitely like this one.

3. Batman Arkham Collection: There is nothing more exciting than playing a DC/marvel game. Asides from the interesting storyline, both the books and movies are intertwined.

4. God of War: Kratos, now a father, tries to leave his angry and violent lifestyle in the past. However, the gods have decided to make it impossible for him to achieve that. Find out how he navigates being a father and defeating these Gods 

5. Frost Punk: Here, you manage the city and ensure the resident’s survival.

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6. Hunt: This is an epic shooting game that involves monsters and other users trying to eliminate you

7. Rust: You practically have to fight for your life every second of the game because everything is trying to kill you. 

8. The Long Dark:  The final chapter of the Lara croft series. This very entertaining and engaging adventure game would keep you hooked to your seat or bed.

9. Ace Combat: In this game, you can play as an ace pilot and soar through the skies whilst battling enemy aircraft. 

10. Call of Duty: This game needs little to no introduction. Whether you want to hop online, multiplayer, or campaign, this shooting game has got you covered. 

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