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Best 9 Types Of Gift Cards In Romania 2024

Look, there’s no cutting through the corners. The way we gift our loved ones has changed over the years. I mean, almost everything has gone digital, so why not gifting? That’s why we now have gift cards. This article explores the types of gift cards in Romania.

In recent years, we have seen a sharp increase in the use of gift cards. All thanks to the flexibility and versatility, among other enticing benefits, of its use

People around the world have almost made it a habit to gift their loved ones with gift cards. And, of course, Romania is not left out of the gift card trends.

I agree with you. Enough of the story. Let’s not waste more time. Fasten your seat belt as we dive into the world of gift card ideas in Romania.

Top 9 Gift Cards to Give in Romania 2024

If you are in search of the top gift card choices for 2024 in Romania, look no further. From Starbucks, KFC, Carrefour, Cinema City, Decathlon, EMAG, and Flanco to Douglas and McDonald’s gift cards, you’re sure to find something for everyone.

1. Starbucks Gift Card

Starbucks card

The first on this list of the best types of gift cards in Romania 2024 is the Starbucks gift card. Do you want to gift your loved one a cup of coffee or tea? Then you should consider gifting them this gift card. 

There are quite several Starbucks stores in Romania, and they can walk into one for a cup of hot tea or coffee with this gift card.

Gifting anyone with a Starbucks gift card means offering them a chance to taste a variety of coffee from the Starbucks brand. From Arabica coffee to other hosts of speciality coffee, your loved ones would have something to feed their taste buds.

2. Flanco Gift Card

The Flanco gift card is not among Romania’s top gift card choices for nothing. With over 20,000 Flanco stores in every corner of the country, the gift card offers an ocean of shopping destinations. 

It doesn’t matter whether the person you want to gift is in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, or Timișoara. They’ll surely find where to make use of it.

There’s another thing that makes the Flanco gift card one of the best types of gift cards in Romania. And that’s the fact that it can be used online, in-store, and even to pay bills. 

To top it all, there’s a wide range of shopping options for anyone with the gift card. Put a smile on the face of your loved one today with the Flanco gift card. It’s a wise thing to do.

3. KFC Gift Card

KFC Gift Card

Are you looking for gift card ideas in Romania? Then you should definitely give the KFC gift card a try. Offering anyone this gift card is getting them the ticket to taste KFC delicacies. 

The KFC gift card is among the top gift card choices for 2024 because almost everyone would love a great treat. I mean, it is food we are talking about here. And fried chicken, for that matter. 

There’s no denying that this gift card is the best fit for foodies.

4. Decathlon Gift Card

Decathlon gift Card

The discussion of gift card trends in Romania in 2024 can not be complete without mentioning the Decathlon gift card. Come to think of it, we all need to keep fit for our health, right? Exactly. 

That’s what this gift card would help your loved ones achieve. Anyone you gift this card to will be able to purchase quality sports equipment and related materials across the Decathlon stores in Romania.

This gift card lasts for a good two years, giving the recipient enough time to use it. It can also be used for online shopping and in physical stores. 

5. Cinema City Gift Card

Sometimes, one needs to go to the cinema to relieve stress. You know how it feels to watch your long-awaited movie on a big screen at a movie theatre, right? 

Absolutely, that’s the same therapeutic experience your loved ones will have access to with the Cinema City gift card at their disposal.

With enough Cinema City locations scattered across the country and different genres of movies to choose from, this gift card is perfect for movie freaks. 

This is one of the top gift card choices. We’re talking about the perfect gift card for Christmas. I mean, that’s when most people have enough time to visit the cinema.

6. Carrefour Gift Card

Carrefour Gift Card

If you want to help your friends or family save a little cash on what they usually spend on groceries, the Carrefour gift card is the answer. 

With a chain of Carrefour stores in Romania, your loved ones can get quite a number of groceries for themselves with this gift card.

Sometimes, you might not really know what interests your loved ones. Why not let them choose what they want for themselves? That’s what the Carrefour gift card will help you achieve. 

There’s a pool of options for your loved ones to decide what they want in the various Carrefour supermarkets across the country.

7. Douglas Gift Card

Douglas Gift Card

The next item on this list of the best types of gift cards in Romania 2024 is the Douglas gift card. This is one of the top gift card choices for 2024 as it regards an aspect of our lives we really pay attention to—fashion. 

Everyone wants to look good and glow, but that comes at a cost, right? The Douglas gift card will help reduce the burden. 

If you are looking for the best type of gift card for your loved ones who are fashion enthusiasts, think of the Douglas gift card.

8. eMAG Gift Card

eMAG Card

Are you still looking for gift card ideas in Romania? You should go for the eMAG gift card. 

This is one of Romania’s top gift card choices, as it allows recipients to purchase quality gadgets, electronics, and home appliances from the eMAG online store.

We’re in a digital world, and gifting anyone this is helping them to keep abreast of the ever-evolving technology of today’s world. 

It’s no rocket science that the eMAG gift card is at the centre of gift card trends in Romania 2024.

9. McDonald’s Gift Card

McDonald's Card

Finally, the last item on this list of the best types of gift cards in Romania 2024 is the McDonald’s gift card. Gifting anyone this gift card is a way to let them get delicious food at the various McDonald’s restaurants in the country. 

Do you want to treat a colleague, friend, or family member to a delicious meal and drink but don’t have the time? McDonald’s gift card is the ultimate secret. 

The love and trust for the brand make it one of the top choices for gift cards in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards In Romania

1. Can I Reload My Romanian Gift Card?

Yes, you can reload your Romanian gift card if the brand permits it. For instance, the eMAG and Decathlon gift cards can be reloaded, while the Starbucks and Apple gift cards can not. 

2. What Are The Most Popular Gift Card Brands In Romania?

The most popular gift card brands in Romania are Flanco, Carrefour, Cinema City, Decathlon, and Starbucks gift cards.

3. What Are The Fees Associated With Gift Cards In Romania?

The purchase fee, activation fee, usage fee, and inactivity fee. It is worth noting that some brands, like Flanco and Carrefour, do not charge any of these fees.

4. Can I Get An Apple Gift Card In Romania?

Yes, you can. It’s just that you’ll have to buy them from a third-party retailer like Kaufland, not Apple itself.

5. How Can I Convert My Romanian Gift Card To Cash?

You can convert your Romanian gift card to cash on Cardtonic. All you have to do is sell your Romanian gift card, and you will get cash instantly. 

6. Where Can I Buy Gift Cards In Romania?

You can buy gift cards in Romania from gift card retailers like Romanian Boutique, Gift Idea, Cărturești Carusel, and online platforms.

7. Where Can I Buy Romanian Gift Cards In Nigeria?

You can buy Romanian gift cards in Nigeria from trusted platforms like Cardtonic. 


By now, you should have known why the listed gift cards are the top choices in Romania. Their flexibility and versatility make them stand out. These gift cards cover industries like entertainment, food, sports, and many more.

So, it’s been a long ride into the world of gift card ideas in Romania. 

Don’t forget that Starbucks, KFC, Flanco, Carrefour, Cinema City, Decathlon, EMAG, Douglas, and McDonald’s gift cards remain the best types of gift cards in Romania 2024.


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