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3 Things You Can Do With a Nike Gift Card

Nike is a multinational company that produces, markets, and sells Nike products. Some of these products include clothing, footwear, and accessories. The brand is so big, that even by saying “just do it” thousands of people know exactly what you are referring to. 

Their gift cards serve as an innovative and simpler method of purchasing items at Nike and there are also more perks of this digital asset that you may not know about. 

In What Ways Can I Use My Nike Gift Card?

1. You Can Redeem At Nike: Anyone who knows about Nike, understands the magnitude of apparel, clothing, and accessories that can be bought from the brand. There is a Nike outlet practically on almost every continent, meaning it wouldn’t be that hard to access regardless of your location.

2. Nike Gift Cards Can Be Used At Converse: As if Nike did not have enough items. You can pay for shoes, clothes, and accessories at converse with a Nike gift card. 

3. Resell Your Nike Gift Card For Cash: In the occurrence of a situation where you have no use for this digital asset at the moment, or you need liquidity. The Nike gift card can also be of use to you because there is an avenue for you to convert your gift card to cash. 

Don’t believe me? let me show you how.

Check out some errors associated with Nike gift cards.

How To Convert Your Nike Gift Card To Cash

To get cash for your gift card, you need a facilitator. What I mean is someone who can help with this process. The best option for this in Nigeria is Cardtonic

First, you need to download the app. You shouldn’t have any problems finding the app because it is available on all major app stores. Next, you need to register on the platform. This is pretty easy. You would simply be required to provide information such as your full name, email address, bank account, etc. After this is done you can go ahead to begin trading. Under category, select Nike. Input the amount of your card, subcategory, etc, and click on the “start trade ” icon. 

After your trade comes back as successful, the amount would directly be sent to your Cardtonic wallet and you can immediately request for withdrawal.


Your Nike gift card can be redeemed almost anywhere in the world and can also be liquidated. There are one of the most resourceful and flexible digital assets out there, so make sure yours is not wasting on a shelf.


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