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5 Best Gift Card Ideas for XMAS

The Christmas season is all about love and appreciation. God first, then friends and family second. During Christmas, it is essential to show love to as many people as possible. Especially the ones who have made an impact in your life. This begs for knowing the best gift cards to buy someone for Christmas

Deciding on what to get your loved ones is not easy. Because your resources are limited, and their taste changes. The smartest decision is to go with something very thoughtful and liberating. This way, they can appreciate the gesture and still be free to buy the things they want. Your best option is gift cards. Now you have to answer the next question: What gift card should I buy for my loved one this XMAS

With this article, you will be able to understand the uses for the top trending gift cards this year, and then you can decide what best suits them.

Top 5 Gift Cards For Your Loved Ones This Christmas 

1. Google Play Gift Cards

These gift cards can be used as an alternative method of payment on the play store to purchase all paid applications. Such as; Movies, books, etc. 

Top 3 Paid Applications On Google Play Store Currently

1. Bouncer: Bouncer is an intelligent application that acts as the brain and security for your phone. It helps restrict access and permission from other applications on your phone. To reduce tracking and unnecessary notifications. 

 2. Droid CamX: With the Droid camX, you can use your android phone as a webcam. So whenever you want to stream, conduct or attend an interview, or vlog, this app is perfect for it.

3. Calibre Companion: This application allows you to transfer books from your laptop to your phone. With the help of USB or wifi, you can read your favorite books on the go. 

2. Nike Gift Cards:

Nike Gift cards are digital assets that can be used to purchase items at Nike. The brand created this as a more convenient payment method for their customers. With a Nike gift card, you can get all Nike items and converse. This is the perfect gift card if your loved one is into sneakers or big-name brands. 

Hottest Nike Footwear in 2022

1. Nike Air Max 95s: The Nike Air Max 95 is an athlete-inspired shoe. They are very comfortable for daily activities, and the various colourways make them a shoe that anybody can rock to suit their style.

2. Nike Air Force 1s: The all White air force ones are the crisp and perfect addition to a clean outfit. This shoe can be styled on anything and is still one of the most affordable Nike sneakers. 

Air force 1s are most likely one of the most popular Nike fashion shoes worldwide. Regardless of the gender of your loved one, this is a must-have sneaker. 

3. Nike Dunks Low: Although Low Nike Dunks are skateboarding shoes, it has proven to be stylish, comfortable, and rare to get your hands on. With a nicely funded Nike gift card, they can get this shoe

3. Amazon Gift Card:

An amazon gift card is one of the most thoughtful and resourceful presents you can get for someone. Amazon is referred to as the everything store because you can buy almost anything at the brand. 

Whether it is clothing, food items, footwear, home decor, etc, Amazon is your guy. With this gift card, get loads of thank you messages from your loved one.

4. Apple Gift Card:

Apple gift cards are the key to purchasing everything Apple. With an Apple gift card, you can purchase hardware and software assets from this brand. Aside from buying an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, you can also use this digital asset to renew your apple subscription or pay for your iCloud storage.

5. Steam Gift Card

The Steam gift card is every gamer’s fantasy. Steam is one of the biggest distributors of pc gaming. No gamer wouldn’t be over the moon about this present. You can purchase and download over 10 thousand games on the platform and are first in line for the hottest drops.

Another good thing about gift cards is that it is not over yet, even if you don’t get them right. Thanks to Cardtonic, they can convert their gift cards for cash at the best rates anytime. 

So do not put too much pressure on yourself when considering which gift card to buy. Thanks to Cardtonic, you would be rewarded handsomely for your unwanted gift cards

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