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Top Best 6 Sites To Sell Or Trade Gift Cards In Nigeria In 2024

Gift cards are very resourceful at their designated brands, and they help make the payment process in general much easier. However, the major reason for their buzz in Nigeria is not necessarily what they can do at their brand but rather outside the brand. The resale of gift cards for cash, popularly known as “gift card trading”, is what I am talking about. 

If you are not too familiar with the term “Gift Cards”, they are digital assets created by their designated brand to serve as an alternative and convenient means of payment at the brand.

Before getting into where to sell gift cards in Nigeria, I would be informing you of the importance of selling or trading them in the country.

Importance of Selling Or Trading Gift Cards in Nigeria 

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The significant reasons for selling or trading gift cards in Nigeria include the promotion of international business, great means to get cash, and avoiding wastage.

1. Promotion of International Business: Selling your product or rendering a service to individuals or businesses in the diaspora is a great means of growing your brand. However, it is no secret that receiving payments in Nigeria seems to be getting harder each day, especially when it involves going to the bank. With gift card trading, you can receive via gift cards, sell them on a trusted platform like Cardtonic, and get your payments within Minutes.  

2. Great Means To Get Cash: Selling or trading your gift card is one of the best means of getting cash when you are in need. Especially if you received them as a gift and you do not necessarily like the brand.

3. Avoids Breakage: Gift card breakage is the term used when a gift card goes unused. This might be due to relocation, loss of interest in the brand, forgetting you purchased them, etc. Selling or trading them for cash helps you avoid this.

Top 6 Gift Card Sites for Selling or Trading in Nigeria

The 6 most legit sites to sell gift cards in Nigeria are; Cardtonic, Paxful, Giftcard granny, Cardcash, Facebook Marketplace, and Suregifts.

1. Cardtonic:  

Cardtonic is a top-notch platform that helps individuals with unwanted gift cards sell them for cash swiftly and at any time of the day. You get the best gift card rates in Nigeria and also a highly responsive customer support team if needed on this platform. It has become knowledge that Cardtonic is the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria. 

Pros: Very active on social media, a responsive customer support team, and an application that is easy to navigate. 

Cons: None 😉  

2. Paxful: 

Paxful is one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms in Nigeria. This is a peer-to-peer platform where you can trade or sell your gift cards.

Pros: Loads of active users on the platform, so it is not hard to find a buyer. 

Cons: Not 100% secure due to its peer-to-peer nature. 

3. Gift card granny: 

This is an online gift card exchange platform located in the United States. Although based outside the country, you can still sell or trade your digital assets from Nigeria safely. 

Pros: Legitimate platform that supports bulk selling.

Cons: Difficulty in reaching the customer support team.

4. Cardcash: 

CardCash is an online gift card marketplace where you can sell your gift cards for good rates. They are in partnership with major brands such as; Amazon, Walmart, CVS, Uber, Starbucks, etc. 

Pros:  Opportunity to get paid in Cash or perform card swap for any desired gift card. 

Cons: Limited operation in Nigeria.

5. Facebook Marketplace:

 Facebook marketplace was launched by Facebook as a feature on their application. It serves as an avenue for Facebook users to buy and sell items.

Pros: Prices are not fixed and can be negotiated.

Cons: You are selling to individuals, not Facebook. So there is a risk of getting scammed by a buyer.

6. Suregifts: 

Suregifts is another option you can look into if you want to trade your gift cards. They are a Nigerian gift card exchange platform that is very secure. 

Pros: Allows you to sell Nigerian gift cards like Spar or ShopRite.

Cons: Relatively Low Resale Rates and limited to local gift cards.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gift Card Site in Nigeria 

Before you pick a platform, what you should look out for are; Reputation & Security, Payment Options & Flexibility, Customer Service, and Exchange Rates & Fees.

1. Reputation and Security: You should inspect their social media pages and ask friends/ family/colleagues about the brand. What do people say about them? are they secure, or are there many controversial stories about them?

 2. Payment Options and Flexibility: On a platform like Paxful, you can only get paid in cryptocurrency. If this is not a problem for you then great. However, if you are looking for other means, like cash, selling here would not be ideal. This is why it is important to know all the payment options they offer. 

 3. Customer Service: It is advisable to try and reach the customer support team of any platform you intend to sell your gift cards on to be sure they actually respond.

 4. Exchange Rates and Fees: This is a very important factor to consider when you want to pick a platform to sell or trade your gift cards. You need to know the rate and price they are willing to pay for your gift card before selling. And if they charge any extra fees.

Tips for Selling or Trading Gift Cards in Nigeria 

When you want to sell or trade your gift cards, you should; research the card value, check the expiration date, choose a platform most suitable for your digital asset, and beware of scammers.

1. Research the Value of the Gift Card: To be sure if you are getting a good deal or not you have to first know the value of your gift card. For example, you would not sell your iPhone 14 pro max for 200,000 Naira because you know it is worth way more than that.

2. Check for Expiration Dates: It is important to know when your gift card is expiring so you can trade it before the said date.

3Choose The Best Site for Your Gift Card: Certain gift cards have high rates naturally, but on good platforms, you can get even better payouts. For example, the  #Razersharp campaign or the  #Steamheat campaign on Cardtonic made the rates of these digital assets skyrocket on our platform.

4. Beware of Scams: Gift card scams can come in different ways. Sometimes the rates may seem too good to be true, or individuals/platforms with little to no track record. Try and follow due diligence, and you would be just fine.


Selling or trading your gift cards for cash can benefit you in many ways. On a platform like Cardtonic, you get high rates. Quick buyers on Paxful, bulk selling on Gift card granny, card swap opportunity on Card cash. Negotiable prices on Facebook and the ability to sell Nigerian gift cards on suregifts. 

With this information, you can decide for yourself the best site to trade gift cards in Nigeria and can get on it immediately.


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