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5 Special People You Should Send Gift Cards This Holiday

The holidays are a great way to remember those we love and care about. What better way to show that love than with thoughtful and exciting gifts? Yes. Gifts. Stingy people don’t look away. We are talking to you.

If you are not planning to spread love to those who made the year worthwhile, the lord is watching you.

If you are, planning to show love to those in your circle but need a bit of help, this is for you. The medium we will use is gift cards, and these are five special people in your life who deserve likely them this holiday.

Staff at work in the office

1. Your most hardworking staff or colleague

If you are a business owner, one person who definitely deserves a gift card as a holiday gift is your hardest-working staff.

Why? They are abandoning their dreams to pursue yours and giving you the best of their talents to build your business. It is essential to show appreciation outside the regular salary or bonus everyone gets by offering them a gift, preferably a gift card.

This way, they will know you truly see them. Nothing motivates anyone more than the knowledge of being visited. A gift card that caters to their specific leanings, like STEAM Gift Card, Razer Gold Gift Card or Sephora Gift Card, will communicate a warm and heartfelt message. One which will inspire them to do more.

2. Your partners/children

Life will indeed be tough without our sources of joy and happiness.

For many of us, it is our partners. For others, it’s our kids (or adopted children). A gift card as a holiday present sends a clear message of love, appreciation and happiness. Even if you may have been generous throughout the year, a nicely wrapped gift card with a note will stand out among the other gifts they may receive during the holidays.

If you have a partner who loves shopping, a Best Buy or Amazon gift card will do magic. If it is your child, a $50 supermarket gift card will allow them to buy their favourite toy or whatever they want.

father and son exchanging gifts during the holidays

3. Parents

“I do not owe my parents anything.” 

Are you one of the people who believe this? Well, whether you do or not, parents are special people. They deserve every form of love and affection during the holidays. As they age, little things like these mean a lot to them, and it will make a difference in their lives if you get them a specially wrapped gift card as a gift for the holidays.

4. Your service workers (handymen, janitors, fav servers. doormen)

Servicemen and women are some of the world’s most overlooked yet relevant people. The ones who help us park our cars, hold the door, clean up and execute repairs.

Like everyone else, these people deserve love and an extended hand of good cheer during the holidays. Imagine making a difference in the life of your doorman or cleaning help by gifting them a $200 gift card and a thank you note.

The best part is, it doesn’t have to be fanciful. To these people, it means the world that someone appreciates them. 

Woman smiling at gifts during holiday season

5. Yourself

You deserve love. You have worked hard and been through so many challenges this year. Since you are the most crucial person in your life, you should be the first to get a gift card. Take some time to think of what you want, now or later.

Find a gift card that aligns with your tastes and needs. You can spend it after a bit. It is a store of value and can quickly be sold, if you desire, on Cardtonic.

It is strange how many people focus so much on others during the festivities that they forget to gift themselves something nice. If anyone special deserves a gift card, it is you.

You are the MVP of 2022!

What If They Do Not “Need” A Gift Card?

The answer to this is simple. Your circle can sell it at a reasonable rate on a platform like Cardtonic.

It is essential to let them know they can either spend the gift card or sell it.

This way, the gift retains its intrinsic value and is flexible enough to meet other needs it may have.

The season is upon us, and the time for festivities approaches. Make it memorable by gifting at least one of these people a gift card

Especially number 5.


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