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How Much Is Steam Card €100 Euro In Nigerian Naira – November 2023

steam gift card

Created by Valve Corporation, Steam is an online distribution platform for video games and also a community for gamers where players and game developers can purchase and also sell video games online. Because of its user-accommodating features, it is one of the most popular gaming platforms, making the Steam wallet gift cards very famous.

Steam gift cards are one of the most popular gift vouchers for gamers and are widely used in the gaming community. It is one of the top-selling gift cards in the world.

A steam gift card is a preloaded card topped up with a certain amount of money and can be used to purchase video games from the Steam gaming platform.

They are available in various denominations from $15 to $200, with denominations up to $500 open for larger orders. With Steam Gift Cards, you can purchase games without paying the total price. Steam gift cards can be purchased through various retailers or online. 

How Much Can You Sell Steam Card €100 In Naira? 

The rate of the Euro Physical Steam gift card on Cardtonic is currently from 645 to 800 naira. Meaning your 100 Euro physical card is worth 80,000 Naira. 

On the other hand, the Euro Steam E-code has a rate of 595 to 700. So with a 100 Euro steam E-code, you would get as high as 70,000 Naira when you trade it on Cardtonic. Below is a table of rates: 



€10 Steam Euro Gift Card8000 Naira
€20 Steam Euro Gift Card16000 Naira
€30 Steam Euro Gift Card24000 Naira
€40 Steam Euro Gift Card32000 Naira
€50 Steam Euro Gift Card40000 Naira
€100 Steam Euro Gift Card80000 Naira
€200 Steam Euro Gift Card160000 Naira
€500 Steam Euro Gift Card400000 Naira
€1000 Steam Euro Gift Card800000 Naira
€2000 Steam Euro Gift Card1600000 Naira


You can always use the rate calculator to check gift card rates at any point in time.

4 Reasons Why You Need A Steam Gift Card

1. You Can Purchase Games From Lots of Developers Worldwide:

Steam is one of the largest game markets, with hundreds of video games available for sale and play. Lots of these games also come at discounted prices, and you save even more money during their seasonal sales. 

2. It Is a Perfect Gift For Gamers:

The holiday season is approaching, and you have probably been thinking of what to get that particular gamer in your life; look no further. The steam gift card is perfect for an avid video gamer. With a wide selection of games available to purchase on the Steam platform, with the gift card, you can allow them to buy any game(s) they want and decide what to do with the card. It’s a win-win situation. 

3. You Can Purchase Steam Hardware and Software:

Most people are not aware of this, but Steam actually has hardware available for purchase. Hardware such as Steam controllers, HTC Vive, and so on. The Steam controllers and well sought after because of their excellent features and uses.

You can also use a steam gift card to purchase various available software that will improve your gaming experience. 

4. You Can Resell It For Cash:

One of the great things about the steam gift card is that it can be sold in exchange for money. For example, if you live in a region or country where steam cards cannot be used, it would be a total waste for you to dispose of them or abandon them; the best option is to sell them for cash.

You can sell your steam card on a gift card trading platform.

The Best Platform To Redeem Your Steam Euro Gift Card For Cash In Nigeria

Cardtonic is a gift card trading platform where users can redeem unused steam gift cards for cash and have them withdrawn to their bank account within seconds. 

Cardtonic is used and trusted by over 400,000 users who have gained the utmost satisfaction while trading their gift cards on the platform.

Users can trade their cards on the web and can also choose to sell on the go by using the mobile app, which is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The Cardtonic platform is super easy to use and offers the best rates while providing users with the quickest payout.

How To Trade Your Euro Steam Gift Card On Cardtonic

  1. Log in to your Cardtonic Account.
  2. On the dashboard, click on TRADE GIFT CARDS.
  3. Select which type of gift card it is- physical or E-code.
  4. In the category section, select STEAM GIFT CARD.
  5. Next, in the sub-category section, select EURO STEAM.
  6. Enter your gift card amount.
  7. Based on the rate of the day, the amount will be calculated and displayed immediately.
  8. Upload images of the card.
  9. Click on START TRADE.


The Steam gift card is quite popular in the gaming industry because of the popularity of the Steam platform itself. Due to the wide selection of games to purchase and play on the platform, the steam gift card is an excellent selection for a gift for a gamer.

But if you own a steam gift card and do not want to redeem it on the platform to purchase games, you can sell it for cash on the best gift card trading platform, Cardtonic.

With its easy-to-navigate platform, juicy rates and quick cashout, the trading experience is superb. Get started now by downloading the app or start trading on the web. 

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