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Errors Associated With Target Gift Cards and How To Fix Them – 2024

Target is an American multinational store that sells various products on a large-scale basis. They are the 8 biggest retail stores in the United States. At target, you can get all types of products. Such as; Toiletries, Clothing, Kitchenware, Electronics, Travel items, etc. 

Target gift cards are digital assets used to purchase all types of products at target. You can buy as much as your balance carries. A $100 Target gift card can get you every item worth $1 – $100 at the brand. From shoes, gloves, food, dishwasher, etc. That’s a lot. 

The only thing that can hinder your shopping experience at the brand is getting an error message from your Target gift card. Once you understand the issue, it is possible to fix it. 

Target Gift Card Error Messages and Possible Solutions  

1. Invalid code: 

Target gift card balance page screenshot
Target gift card balance page screenshot

To get an error message saying you have an “Invalid Code”, you need to check if you typed in the correct details of your gift card. If you are sure you did, reach out to Target for support. 

2. Not Activated: 

The “Not Activated” error message only occurs when your gift card has not been correctly activated. All you need to do is take it back to the store of purchase and request this. 

With this information, you are more than ready to conquer any hiccup you may encounter while selling your Target gift card

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