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Which Is Better – A Google Play or Steam Gift Card?

Because money is a limited resource, most people would need to forgo one for the other. Both these assets would make a great purchase. However, it is pertinent to fully understand their uses to see which one can be of more value to you. This would aid your decision down the line. 

Google Play Gift Card 

Google Play is a state-of-the-art product that Google launched, which serves as the official marketplace for all devices running on Andriod. Their gift cards can be used as an alternative method of payment to purchase all paid applications on the play store such as music, books, apps, etc.


  1. No Expiry Date: The Google play gift card has no expiry date attached to it. What this implies is that you have the luxury of time to redeem your digital asset on the platform for as long as you like. 
  2. They Are Easy To Redeem: The Google Play store is a very modern platform, where you have access to millions of apps. With this digital asset, you are seconds away from redeeming your gift card.

Steam Gift Card 

Steam gift cards are digital assets that were created to serve as credit that can be used to purchase games, videos, and other downloadable content on the platform. The steam gift card exists in two forms; physical and E-codes. 


1. Wide Range of Content: There are thousands of games and videos on the Steam platform. With this digital asset, you have a first-hand opportunity to purchase all and never miss out on the fun.

2. They Are Easily Purchasable: Steam has made it pretty easy for every user to get their hands on their gift cards if they need to. All you need to do is go on Steam and purchase one. 

Another essential factor to look at when choosing a gift card is the resale rate. 

Which Has a Better Resale Rate?

Gift card rates are not fixed. The good news is that both gift cards have very good resales rates so you would be good with both. The US Steam gift card can have a higher rate than the US Google play gift on one day and the reverse would be the case by the next 


With a deeper understanding of both digital assets, you can decide which one you feel has a higher significance to you. Just remember, whichever you choose you would be solid.

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